DIY Mirror

My January mindset of “refresh and renew” is continuing into February with some DIY projects to change up your space. And, although I want to focus my year on strengthening the relationships with the people around me, solitude is also appreciated. Solitude with power tools is even better.

As many of you saw on my Instagram, this autumn I was inspired to post my seasonal outfits. A lot of my friends and family know that I love purchasing Grace and Lace clothing. However, a lot of my friends and family don’t know why. First of all, I first “met” Grace and Lace on Shark Tank. I love supporting Shark Tank businesses since my husband and I watch each week. When I first saw Grace and Lace products, I wasn’t spending more than twenty dollars on an item of clothing – which their clothing was. Truthfully, I spent closer to the ten to fifteen dollar range. But, for Christmas 2016, my husband surprised me with an entire Grace and Lace haul! I instantly fell in love with the quality and understood the value in purchasing quality clothing. 

Flash forward to today, in 2020, and my closet is almost exclusively G&L. In addition to supporting a small business, and a Shark Tank business, I am supporting a business that rescues girls from the sex trade industry and opens Orphanages. This is an amazing mission. And, as if that weren’t enough, there’s the community. Where you purchase your clothes, do you talk directly with the creator and designer? I do. Melissa and her design team have created an amazing community of supportive women on Facebook where we can interact with each other, share outfit inspiration, and lift one another up. It’s not about the clothes. Okay, it’s totally about the clothes. It’s not only about the clothes. Did I mention that they have live try on sessions each time they release clothes which makes it super easy to know your size? Okay, I’ll wrap this up – I am babbling.

How does all of this relate to this DIY blog post? Putting more effort into my outward appearance after a long stretch of pregnancy and adjusting to mom life, caring more about outfits rather than just individual clothing items, and sharing outfit inspiration with my G&L girls really made me look at how sad my “dressing area” had become. I decided to spice it up with a new DIY mirror and a few goodies off Amazon.

Here’s how I made my mirror:

From Home Depot, the wood I chose to buy is called Common Board. It’s very inexpensive, resembles Pine with lots of gorgeous knots, and reacts very well to stain. I chose to go with a 1×6 but the chunkiness of your wood is up to your taste. The particular piece of wood pictured above had a crack. The simple fix for this was to cut it off! I chose to attach my pieces at the corner so I needed to cut each plank at a forty-five degree angle. I made sure to place my square just above the crack so I could cut it off!

I am not going to bother giving you specific dimensions, because it matters what mirror you buy. Use this post as a guideline and inspiration for how to design your mirror, and adjust the measurements to meet your individual needs.

To attach the corners, my husband helped me use this pocket drill. It allows you to hide your screws!

When you flip the frame over, you may need to sand where your wood meets to make sure they are level and smooth. After it’s sanded, you can stain! (This is when it really starts to come together)

The last step is to insert and secure your mirror. There are many ways to do this. They way my husband and I chose to secure the mirror was to take scrap wood and create a bit of a border to prevent the mirror from moving in any direction. Then, we attached to support beams going across the back to prevent the mirror from falling out.

My dressing space is now brighter, cheerier, and far more “HGTV” worthy than before. Plus, I purchased a mirror that is significantly bigger which is a nice thing to be able to do when you create your own!

4 thoughts on “DIY Mirror

  1. I am so impressed! My mirror just hangs and bangs on back of closet door. This idea could work for that. Just need a hubby who will let me near his power tools like yours.

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