Seasonal Scents: Spring

Studies have shown that the sense of smell is closely related to memory. If we are embracing mindfulness and truly appreciating all that the current season has to offer, scent should be a part of that. Even when I just think about the holidays, certain scents come to mind and I can smell them vividly. Does this happen to anyone else?

I always make sure to rotate through my hand soaps and body washes to make sure they match the current season. Yes, at the end of the month I really do take out the current soap, even if there is still half a bottle. I set it aside and move onto the next scent!

I shop at Bath & Body Works for my body washes; they smell so good! One of the women working there was very helpful in helping me pick my scents! Plus, she didn’t look at me too crazy when I said, “I have a wash for December through April but I need a ‘May’ scent.” I then proceeded to tell her about living life seasonably and how each month I swap out my scents.

Mom Hack: You can fit 6 shower gels (7 if you balance one) in the top tray of the Graco Click Connect!

Sometimes I feel as though it’s silly to embrace the season to certain extents. But, changing my shower scents, hand soaps, and even color coding my digital calendar really do contribute to the overall tone of the season. It does make a difference.

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