Interchangeable Wreath: Spring

Two words: Interchangeable Wreath.

Folks – I LOVE this wreath! There are always so many beautiful wreaths on display in the stores for each changing season. Yet, who has the room to store all of those? Even if you did have the space, wouldn’t you rather use that space for something else? So, I knew I wanted to create a wreath that could change from season to season but I couldn’t figure out how. Naturally, I turned to Pinterest. Some amount of time later (I may or may not have lost complete track of time, as I often do once I log into Pinterest) I found what I was looking for; I found a twig-like wreath that had a cute decoration attached to it. The decoration could be removed since it was attached with Velcro.

But, let’s remember that the wreath was made with twigs (though artificial). I wasn’t convinced that the Velcro would hold. I never have luck with Velcro adhering to anything that isn’t perfectly flat. So, I decided to come up with my own crazy concoction – cardboard and twist ties. I feel like it sounds a little crazy, but it worked perfectly. Keep reading to see how to make your own or scroll to the bottom to watch my video!

Choose your wreath

I used an 18″ Grapevine Wreath from Michael’s.

Trace your cardboard

Lay the twig wreath onto a piece of scrap cardboard and trace a crescent moon shape. I used cardboard from whatever Amazon Prime order I had received last! It does not need to be perfect since you will be covering it up with your decorations.

Cut your cardboard

You may want to spray paint your cardboard to have it match either the wreath or your decorations. Although I said your decorations will cover the cardboard, consider your front door. My front door has a huge glass window and I can see the back of my wreath very clearly. Spray painting the cardboard might create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance from the back. I chose not to spray paint, but instead kept my cardboard shape rather narrow.

Check your cardboard

Lay your cardboard on top of the twig wreath to make sure it will fit right. If your shape is too big, you can trim it a little. If it’s too small, don’t worry, it will get bigger when you add your decorations!

Add your decorations

You can arrange them in any way you like! I suggest laying them out on the cardboard before you start gluing. Get an idea for how you want it before making it permanent.

Attach your cardboard

Poke two holes into the cardboard and slip a twist tie through. Test it out by twisting them together around the back of the wreath. The cardboard should stay in place. If the twist tie doesn’t reach, you can try two things.

  • Check for a bigger twist tie
  • Twist multiple twist ties together

Do you ever buy those small garbage bags that come with twist tie closures? I do, and yet I never use the twist ties. In an effort to be resourceful, I used them for this project. Thinking of the glass on my door, these white twist ties will stand out like a sore thumb from the back view. So, I may dab a bit of brown paint on them after I finish.

I use a command hook to hang my wreath. My wreath can now always stay on the door. For each season or holiday, I only have to swap out the attachment! A few pieces of cardboard are so much easier to store than multiple full wreaths!

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