DIY Shelves

Now that I have a beautiful new mirror, I needed new shelves! For the mirror project, my husband helped me a lot. This time, I wanted to do a project all by myself. I had him review machine operation & safety with me and then I said goodbye!

Guys, these shelves are so easy! And, to make it even easier, I was putting them on a blank wall so their measurements didn’t matter. Therefore, all I had to do was buy three pieces of wood and cut them in half. I chose a wide board for the base of my shelf, and slightly less wide board for my back panel, and a very skinny piece for my front lip. They were 6 foot boards, which meant my two shelves would be 3 feet each.

After marking the center of each piece of wood, make sure they all line up. Mine didn’t! (rookie mistake)

As you lay your wood out, check for rough edges and sand them smooth.

Once the wood is cut in half, You can play around with the design of your shelves. You can see the three different widths very clearly here. On the left of the picture above, I put the widest board as my bottom, the smallest as the front panel, and the middle width for my back. On the right side of the picture above, I was testing out whether or not I wanted the back wood to be on top of my bottom, or not. Honestly, this is the hardest part of the project! Once you decide on your design, all that’s left is glue & screw!

Okay, I know I said “glue & screw” but I chose to use this fun gun to nail my front board on since I didn’t want ugly screws front and center! After you clamp everything overnight, to let the glue dry and set, all they need is a coat of stain and then they are ready to hang!
TIP: Place scrap wood on either end of your project so the clamps don’t leave a mark on your project!

So, how did they come out?

You tell me! Let me know, in the comments, what you think of my first solo project!

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