Tissue Paper Sun Catchers: Spring

If you have a machine that laminates, this is an EASY craft that can be adapted for any season.
(If you don’t have a machine, you can buy those sticky laminate sheets and it will work just the same!)


  • Laminate Sheets
  • Tissue Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape

To start, tape open your laminate sheets. I had blue painter’s tape on hand so that was what I used to keep the laminate sheets in their place. Since I chose to create three different sun catchers, I taped open three sheets of laminate.

Now is the fun part, let your toddler play with all of the pre-cut tissue paper pieces.

The size of the tissue paper: The size of your tissue paper doesn’t matter. I chose to create one-inch squares. Just keep in mind that the bigger the tissue paper, the less color variety you will be able to have due to space.

The color of the tissue paper: I decided to create three Easter/Spring themed sun catchers. Therefore, the colors I chose were more springy. But, depending on your shape, season, or holiday, any color can work!

Once your child has laid out their tissue paper pieces, you can close the laminate and prepare to run it through your machine.

Now, we cut! If you think you can rock it freehand, do it! If not, you can look for a shape cutout online, place it behind your laminate, and trace the shape with your scissors. Once you attach a string to a punched hole at the top of your sun catcher, it’s time to hang your art!

We chose to make an egg, a bunny, and a chick for Easter. What did you choose to make? Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Tissue Paper Sun Catchers: Spring

  1. These are stinkin cute!!! I love that she is old enough to do this stuff with you! I hope there is one in the mail for her favorite aunt 😉 If not, Earth Day is coming. And Cinco de Mayo. Such a versatile craft!


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