Playhouse Makeover

Odds are, you have probably seen Little Tikes Playhouse Makeovers on Pinterest. They are all gorgeous! My playhouse makeover might be different than you’ve seen before, though. When my husband and I purchased our house 5 years ago, we were frustrated with all of the large items the previous owners left behind. For example, we had to haul away their giant gym equipment. However, they also left some good things like a snowblower (which lasted us 4 seasons) and this playhouse! Growing up, I had a tree house that looked exactly like my parents’ house. It was the same color, same design, and the house was even numbered the same (except instead of 245, it was 245A). For the purposes of nostalgia, I wanted to recreate this for my daughter.

For $30, I was able to purchase all the spray paint colors I needed from Amazon (since the quarantine has me homebound!) I also could not for the life of me get the doors and shutters off the house like others had successfully done. So, I just used tape and touched up with smaller brushes. It was definitely more work than if I had been able to take it apart, but it wasn’t impossible! Scroll through the gallery below to see the evolution of my makeover!

Step 1

First, you must acquire an old, ugly, and preferably dirty playhouse. (If it’s not gross, does it even count as a makeover?)

Step 2

I painted the shutters and door first. I thought this was best. I was wrong. Don’t do this!

Step 3

I painted the brick to match my house. If you also have brick, or any other type of raw material along the foundation of your home, now is the time to add it! All I did here was spray paint the bottom half red and then go back with a small brush to draw an outline of a brick with a brown paint. I added a little shadow to be extra.

Step 4

Next, paint the white trim around the doors and shutters. Here’s why I should have waited to paint the shutters – it is a lot easier to tape the trim than it is to tape the shutters (this is assuming you were also unsuccessful in taking the playhouse apart).

Step 5

Paint the house! My husband had construction paper in our garage and it was the perfect barrier to protect my faux brick!

Step 6

Now, I taped off my trim and redid my shutters and doors. The only good thing about having spray painted the shutters earlier, is that I only needed to do touch ups now. For this, I used black paint and a small paint brush.

Step 7

Paint the roof and complete any necessary touch ups!


So… how did I do? Was it a close match?

There are a bunch of other decorations I would love to add but cannot until this quarantine is over. I need a good day of shopping to finalize the decorating but the base of the house is done and I cannot wait for my daughter to start playing in it!

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