Reading Nook Pillow Seat

Have that perfect reading nook in your home? Looking to create something comfortable to sit on for potentially $0? Keep reading!

Step 1

Take a Full Size blanket and fold it in half. Sew along TWO of the open edges.

Step 2

Sew! I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination. This will become obvious to you when I tell you I used the loopty doo stitch. However, since I have a super furry fabric, my stitches will be easily hidden!

Step Three

After I folded my blanket in half and sewed along two edges, I stuffed it with two King size pillows.

Step 4 (optional)

You can sew the final open edge, or you can leave it open. I decided I wanted to leave the open edge as is, and just tuck it under.

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The blanket came with matching pillows that I added for that extra cozy factor!

How I KonMari and Dave Ramsey’d this project

The reason I did this was because I had arranged my two bookshelves in a way that created the perfect reading nook. I found myself on Amazon browsing comfy chairs and pillows that ranged from $40-$80. When I found one I liked, I realized it was the kind that you fill with your own stuffed animals. That got me thinking about if I had enough stuffed animals to fill a cover like that. Yet, doesn’t that just sound uncomfortable? Knowing me, I’d sit myself right on top of the hard plastic eyeball.

As I saw in the room and looked around at my Keep/Sell/Toss/Donate piles, I spotted two King size pillows. I immediately sprung up and realized if I had enough fabric, I could just wrap those up to create a pillow. Well, the only large amount of fabric I have is in the form of blankets. And so, my potentially $80+ purchase, which would result in me bringing more things into my home, turned into a $0 project that took 30 minutes and utilized 3 unused items in my home.

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