Summer Book Organization

I am a teacher and used to teach teeny tiny little ones. So, my home library is sort of overflowing for my daughter. When I tried to think of how I wanted to organize it, I immediately thought of ‘by season’. In honor of National Library Shelfie Day, I wanted to share with you the final product of my library overhaul!

First, I organized my books by author/character.

Then, I went through and took out all of the books that were specific to holidays or seasons. I arranged them on a separate shelf in order of occurrence. Each month, I pull out the applicable season/holiday selections. Below is my selection for Summer.

My husband and I made a modified version of these shelves.

Finally, when the season has ended, I store the books in labeled zip lock bags. I keep these books in a different closed cabinet since they only come out once per year.

As parents, we have to do anything we can to get our kids excited about reading. It’s important for kids to have their own bookshelf.  If you are a parent but don’t own any children’s books, make your goal to have twelve books by the end of the year. Instead of changing the entire bookshelf each month, add a new book each month. You can keep all of your books on a lower shelf, and have “the book of the month” on display on the upper shelf. This way, your child can still get the excitement of the seasons!

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