Organization Overhaul

If you feel like you have too much clutter, or too many places where miscellaneous items hide, this is what you need! Below is the ULTIMATE guide to an organization overhaul of your home with tips and tricks to make it successful… and bearable!

First of all, I am not recommending that certain rooms be done on certain days and that you finish in a certain amount of time. I once participated in a two-week cleaning challenge and it was awesome. However, I didn’t feel great when I started to fall behind. For a cleaning or organization challenge, you should feel good with each bit of progress you make.

Therefore, my suggestion is for you to try and complete one thing each day, so you make progress each day. However, that one thing can be to organize one single kitchen cabinet. It might take a lot longer for you to complete this list in its entirety if you work at this pace, but it’s not a race and it’s not a competition. Start with the places in your home that have the least amount of clutter. Why least and not most? Success is motivating. Small projects are easier to complete. Momentum is everything! So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Create a Command Center!

Grab bins, bags, or an empty space in your home where you can clearly label sell, donate, give, and trash piles.

It doesn’t have to be pretty but, it does have to be functional!

Step 2: Sell

As you go through your items, find things you can sell. I suggest selling on Poshmark. It is super easy to create a listing and Poshmark takes care of the shipping for you. When you make a sale, Poshmark immediately e-mails you the shipping label. Print, stick, and done! You can sell clothes and home items. However, make sure to read the fine print for your home items because there is a weight restriction.

Remember, these are items that were serving no purpose in your home. If you hadn’t begun to declutter, you might have even forgotten you had them! So, don’t be strict on price. The goal is to get rid of things! If you make a few bucks, great. But, if you become offended by low offers, remind yourself that you’ll end up back where you started, with these items still sitting around somewhere and with $0 in your pocket!

My rule is to list the items at a fair price. After one week, begin to send offers to people who have liked your items. After two weeks, lower the price. Each week after, lower the price until you get to the point where you would no longer make a profit. At that point, delist and donate.

Step 3: Donate

For any item that is not worth selling (like an old book that can be found in a used book bin somewhere for a buck or two), or is too big to sell (although for large items you can try Facebook marketplace), donate!

Ready to donate? Do your research first. I always read the fine print of any charity I donate do. Any charity worth giving to will be transparent with their costs. Pay attention to how much of your money actually goes to the cause versus operating costs. If you donate items, what happens to them? Do they go directly to those in need or do they get sold for cash to then be used to support others. This takes us back to the first thing to look for, how much of your money actually goes to the cause?

*I also don’t like to donate my items that will then be sold in a store because it’s still requiring someone to pay. Yes, it will be discounted to them, but if someone is going to make a profit from my items, it should be me! (when I sell them) If I am going to donate items, I like to know they are being provided to those in need for free. This is just my personal opinion, of course.

Step 4: Give

I have a ton of baby clothes from my daughter’s first year and a half of life. Can I sell them? Yes. Will it take an incredible amount of time? Also yes. It is far easier for me to donate them and I know they will go to good use. However, I also have some people in my life who are still having babies! As most of my daughter’s clothes were hand-me-downs, I want to pay it forward. As a result, I currently have 3 bins of baby clothes that I am setting aside to give when/if necessary!

What are other items that you can give to others? Think about all of the times in your life when you could have really benefited from a free item!

  • Do you know someone who is just about to buy their first house? Offer your no longer needed furniture.
    • Random Act of Kindness: Donate furniture to Veteran’s charities.
  • Do you know someone who is pregnant? Offer your unused or no longer needed baby/kids items.
    • Random Act of Kindness: Donate baby/kids items to a women’s shelter.
  • Do you know someone who recently lost their job? Offer you least favorite or “pushed to the back of the pantry” non-perishables.
    • Random Act of Kindness: Donate food to a food pantry.

Step 5: Trash

If you don’t or can’t use it, if nobody else can benefit from it – trash it! Plain and simple.

Step 6: Organize

You might already be thinking of where in your home you want to start. That’s great! I have provided a comprehensive list below of places to check that you may not think of! I hope your organization overhaul goes well! Comment below if you take on this challenge! I’d love to hear your progress. Happy Cleaning!

Get your Organization Overhaul checklist here!

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