Beach Themed Decor

A lot of the decor around my home is inspired by the many beaches to which I have traveled. I wanted to carry this though to my gallery wall! With this upgrade, my gallery wall is no longer an eclectic gathering of frames, it’s a work of art.


Purchase white picture frames. White is always a good choice for a beach feel! Find an arrangement that works well for your space and hang them like you normally would.


Hot glue a short strand of rope to the top of your picture frames that are in your top row. The bottom picture frames will just hang alone. Don’t forget to measure your rope so you can make sure to cut the same length for the rest of your top row frames!


Place the twine around your hook and pull up gently to find the right tightness.
(If you look closely, you can see that some of my twine is tighter than others)


Hang your hooks! I used a few starfish hooks mixed with solid black hooks.


Sit on a beach chair in your hallway with a Rum Punch and a pair of sun glasses. Enjoy!

At some point, you’ll want to add photos. Don’t forget that part. I may blog about organization but, don’t think for one second I am on top of things! It took me probably close to six months of staring at this stock family before I FINALLY put pictures into the frames. Now, it’s perfect!

2 thoughts on “Beach Themed Decor

  1. Love this, super cute!! The little touches like the rope make such a big difference!
    You’ve seen my beach themed bathroom so you know this is right up my alley. I recently added a shell decorated TP holder when Hubs broke the one attached to the wall. The new one is cheap and ugly so I added a little teal and blue paint and made it my own. We love the finished project.

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