Craft Closet Renovation

Have you seen those renovation pictures where people turn a double closet into an office space? I love this idea. However, I don’t have a double closet! I have a tiny 2×4 closet in my guest bedroom that serves no purpose. I love to craft and often take up the entire dining room table when I am in the middle of a project. And so, the challenge was born. Can I turn my tiny closet into a craft closet? See for yourself!

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Originally, I was going to create a white on white design. I always see those gorgeous white on white designs online and in home renovation shows and it looks so high end! But then I remembered, I love color! So, I measured the length of my closet which was just shy of four feet. I used this measurement to cut strips of wood to length. Then, I used a nail gun to attach them to the wall. Since the guest bedroom is green, I used this color for my pop of color in the closet.

Items used:

  • Leftover semi-gloss wall paint
  • Scrap wood found in the garage
  • Leftover eggshell green wall paint
  • LED light strip

The great thing about doing a renovation like this is that you can customize it to fit your own needs. I added a desktop, two shelves above the desk, and one shelf below the desk.

When adding shelves into your space, make sure you measure twice. Every piece of wood that we used to create my desktop and my shelves was scrap from our garage! I wanted to spend as little money as possible. Since my husband helps me a lot for my projects, this is not a blog where you will find in depth step-by-step directions for woodworking projects with precise measurements. The purpose of sharing my projects with you, is for inspiration. I hope you think about the scrap and extra supplies you have around your home and creatively find a new use for them.

Additional items used:

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