Interchangeable Tree: Autumn Bulletin Board Craft

Not a teacher? Don’t leave, yet! Scroll down to see how you can use these bulletin board templates with your own children!

Even if you enjoy making bulletin boards, and I know many do not, everyone can agree they are a lot of work! Now that I am making the switch from secondary to elementary, I need to up my bulletin board game. But what I wanted to figure out, was how I could make them a little easier to maintain and… I think I did just that!

Winter Work Bulletin Board

Like the Winter Work bulletin board I made when I taught First Grade many years ago, I wanted something that could stay up for an entire season! And so, the Interchangeable Autumn Bulletin Board was born!

Using a template I created, I cut out the shapes I needed to get started:

You can use whatever colors and shades you desire to make it more personal to your taste! FYI: I hated the two tone leaves that I did in this video! That’s why on the cover, you see I changed them to all dark 🙂

If you want to reuse this each Autumn, like I do, the next step would be to laminate. My plan is to print my students’s faces and place them on the apples. That means, I will be creating 20-30 of these! It’s a lot. However, remember that this will be up from the first day of school until the very end of Autumn!

If you download my template below, you will not only be able to quickly print and cut your own bulletin board pieces, but you will also get additional leaves (because leaves change color in Autumn…) and additional accessories (like a bat for October and a Turkey for November!)

For a personal touch, you can leave the apple, bat, and turkey unlaminated and send their photos home each month for a fun and seasonal memory for your students’ families!

*If you do not want to, or cannot, take photos of your students, I have also included cute clipart versions of the monthly accessories to use instead.

Family Adaptation

Not a teacher? You can still use this pack! Use this template pack to display your children’s wonderful art masterpieces! How fun to include the kids and have them change the pieces each month to update their art display. When I create my 20+ trees for my students, I am going to make one extra for my daughter and get her involved in seasonal decor!

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