Dollar Tree Finds

I love Dollar Tree! This weekend, I went out shopping for the first time since March (other than for necessities). I have to say, Dollar Tree made me feel very comfortable. Social distancing reminders, one way aisle shopping, markers for lines at the registers, etc. I am glad this was my first place to start.

That being said, Fall is upon us! They have so many great Autumn-inspired goodies and they have really stepped up their game. Take a look at these great finds.

This post contains Dollar Tree affiliate links. I earn a small commission from purchases made through the links and ads below.
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Right on trend with the popular Farmhouse decor, these signs are adorable. Also, they’re super thin so they won’t take up much space for storage. Jump on my “interchangeable” bandwagon and keep your hook up year round. Change the signs for each season and don’t feel guilty because these beauties are only $1!

More wooden signs! I love them all. (I am also obsessed with this one.)

I can’t love pumpkins anymore than I already do. So, a box of different sized, colored, and styled pumpkins is basically a dream of mine. Get your collection here.

If you read about my interchangeable wreath, you know that I purchased my Autumn wreath decor at Michael’s only to find out that the same faux flowers were at Dollar Tree for much less! Look at this year’s offerings. Each item here is so beautiful! The purple flowers are screaming “Halloween!”

My Fall Fashion picks are coming soon… But, I love a good themed scarf. I have a scarf for each holiday throughout the year. Again, I paid way more than $1 for them. Save your time (and your money) and head to Dollar Tree to spice up your October wardrobe!

Okay, these are just plain fun!

I love a good skeleton! There are so many fun things you can do with skeletons. The skeleton heads would make a great decoration for a Halloween food platter. And, do you see that skeleton garland at the bottom? How great would those look hanging on a stair rail?

This last find was slightly separate from the rest so I almost missed it. But, I am loving this simple and clean, black wire witches hat!

How many Dollar Tree stores do you have near you? I have two. I always check both as one might have products that the other doesn’t. But don’t forget that there’s always online! Check out these online finds:

Now is the time to stock up so you’re prepared when October rolls around! Happy Harvest, Happy Halloween, and Happy Shopping!

Dollar Tree

2 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Finds

  1. Jealous!! Your Dollar Tree is so much better than mine! I was so disappointed this year with their selection and its super discouraging because this is the new store. Oh well.


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