Autumn Decor

Autumn is my favorite season. Have I said that before? I say it a lot!

Interchangeable Wreath

This season was the first season that inspired my interchangeable wreath. Since I have posted about how I make these beauties here, I won’t get too specific. But, I did have to share my Autumn arrangement. All of the pumpkins, leaves, and doodads on this arrangement are from the dollar store. Super cheap. Super Easy. Super Autumn!


Where I live, A.C. Moore recently went out of business. Although I have always been a Michaels girl, this still brought a tear to my eye! Nevertheless, my mom and I ran there as fast as we could to take advantage of the closing sales. Guys, did you go to an A.C. Moore closing sale? It was WEIRD! They had all of this new and different product that the store never carried before. I am not sure if these glass… things… (what are these even called?) were in A.C. Moore before but, as soon as I saw them, I snatched them up!

While I would love to show you a larger picture of how pretty these look flanking my windows and sliding glass doors, I am in the middle of painting our entire interior so it’s not the most attractive right now. You’ll have to live with this sneak peek!

Finally, the one thing I use for decor in any place I can: pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins! Real. Fake. Orange. Blue! Anything pumpkin always finds its way in my cart (both physical and digital) and into my home. Follow me on Instagram to see All. The. Pumpkin. Things.

Chalkboard Art

This can be left to your imagination! I browse Pinterest for inspiration.
Here are some of my previous Autumn designs for the chalkboard wall in my kitchen!

My Amazon Picks

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