DIY Halloween Decor

These are some of the easiest ways to bring Halloween into your home! The best part of decorations that you create yourself, is that you can simply toss them out at the end of the season, have nothing to store, and create a new design the following year! Plus, should you do this with children, it can create an entire day of activity as well as a fun memory! However, I never throw these out. This year will be the fifth year using these monsters and bats and they have held up!

Window Monsters

These monsters are the EASIEST and most UNIQUE Halloween decoration ever! I love them so much. All you need for this project is black poster paper from the dollar store!


To draw, I used chalk so I could easily wipe it away. However, nobody is going to see your marks unless they are inside of your house up against your window. Therefore, if you don’t have chalk, a pen or pencil will be just fine!


Cutting is only as easy as your design! Keep that in mind when you make twenty spikes down a monster’s back like I did!


I used regular Scotch tape. Since I used poster paper, it was pretty thick and heavy so I did need to use several pieces. Keep in mind that whatever kind of tape you use, it should be clear! I pulled my blinds down, turned the light on, and… voila!

How cute are these guys?

Lamp Bats

Here is another easy decoration, this time for inside. Don’t throw out your monster scraps because we are going to use them for our bats! With the same black poster paper, I cut out a few tiny bats. Using a small roll of tape, I stuck them to the inside of my lamp.

I want to point out that my shades are not that close to the bulb and the bulbs do not get very warm. So, I recommend these two things to prevent it from being a fire hazard! Also, I have these lamps set on a four hour timer for the four hours we are in the space at night. Therefore, they are always monitored. Be safe! (But also cute.)

Chalkboard Art

This can be left to your imagination! I browse Pinterest for inspiration.
Here is one of my favorite masterpieces:

If you recreate any of these crafts, I would love to see them! Tag me on Instagram!

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4 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Decor

  1. Awww, I love all of these adorable ideas. I am not super crafty so I am always searching for DIY crafts that are simple yet they still look awesome.


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