Seasonal Crafts, Decor, and More!


Reading Nook Pillow Seat

Have that perfect reading nook in your home? Looking to create something comfortable to sit on for potentially $0? Keep reading! Step 1 Take a Full Size blanket and fold it in half. Sew along TWO of the open edges. Step 2 Sew! I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination. This […]

“No Spend” Month

In February, I reread The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and I read The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach for the first time. (The Automatic Millionaire was actually my book club read!) Reading these books in February gave me new energy to achieve my financial goals. And so, the idea for a “No Spend” […]

Keeping Toddlers Busy

What materials do you have laying around the house? Here are a few ways to keep your toddler busy with common household items. 1. Shoe Box Poke Materials: Shoebox Cotton Swabs Step One Take your pen or pencil and punch holes into the lid of your shoe box. (I spaced my holes evenly around and […]

Mindful Money Practices

When was the last time you printed out your credit card statement and went through it to see how much you pay for groceries? Gas? Eating out? Have you ever done that? The last time I did this, I sat down with a pack of highlighters and spent forty-five minutes color coding each category and […]

Simplifying Meal Planning

Affiliate links are used. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases. You can read my full disclaimer here. It’s hard to feel present and enjoy the moment if your moments are filled with the stress of a long to do list! A few years ago, my husband and I each arrived home from […]

Maintaining Meaningful Relationships

When I first started this blog, I wasn’t sure what I was doing or where I was going. While I still don’t know that I have a clear answer to those questions, I do know that September, October, November, and December are the easiest times to “live seasonably” considering the season changes and numerous holidays. […]


Focus on Gratitude

November is a time when everybody pauses to focus on gratitude. Don’t let it be a one month wonder, though! Here is the ultimate challenge: Can you avoid and even reject the negativity surrounding 2020? Read below to find inspiration from other women who found ways to be thankful for this year. The spread of […]

Autumn Decor

Autumn is my favorite season. Have I said that before? I say it a lot! Interchangeable Wreath This season was the first season that inspired my interchangeable wreath. Since I have posted about how I make these beauties here, I won’t get too specific. But, I did have to share my Autumn arrangement. All of […]

Fall Fashion Trend: Blanket Scarves

A blanket scarf is one of my favorite Fall accessories. One of the reasons I love them, other than them being blatantly seasonal, is that they are incredibly versatile! If you’ve been around my page, you probably know that I love when things are interchangeable and can easily be turned into something else. This. Is. […]

Autumn Entertainment Guide

Like Christmas music is to Christmas, books and TV are to Autumn for me. I love reading Autumn romances and Autumn murders (those two go hand in hand, right?). And, as a teacher, I also love a good Autumn Children’s book! But Autumn also gives us some great television series and movies. With the new […]

Interchangeable Tree: Autumn Bulletin Board Craft

Not a teacher? Don’t leave, yet! Scroll down to see how you can use these bulletin board templates with your own children! Even if you enjoy making bulletin boards, and I know many do not, everyone can agree they are a lot of work! Now that I am making the switch from secondary to elementary, […]

Dollar Tree Finds

I love Dollar Tree! This weekend, I went out shopping for the first time since March (other than for necessities). I have to say, Dollar Tree made me feel very comfortable. Social distancing reminders, one way aisle shopping, markers for lines at the registers, etc. I am glad this was my first place to start. […]

DIY Halloween Decor

These are some of the easiest ways to bring Halloween into your home! The best part of decorations that you create yourself, is that you can simply toss them out at the end of the season, have nothing to store, and create a new design the following year! Plus, should you do this with children, […]


Summer Yums

Do you eat seasonally? Summer brings so many delicious foods and drinks. Whether you have your own garden or shop at a local Farmer’s Market, eating seasonally is a fun (and healthy) way to live in the season! Below, I have included five fun finds when it comes to seasonal eating/drinking. Enjoy! 5 Tuna Stuffed […]

Summer Short Story

Summer in Tuscany They were only going to stay in Italy for four days, but in this moment, she only cared about today. Today, Kelly and Kamal were going on a tour of Tuscany. Kelly literally sprang out of bed that morning and only by a miracle landed on both feet. Elation zoomed through her body as she dressed for […]

Summer Book Organization

I am a teacher and used to teach teeny tiny little ones. So, my home library is sort of overflowing for my daughter. When I tried to think of how I wanted to organize it, I immediately thought of ‘by season’. In honor of National Library Shelfie Day, I wanted to share with you the […]

Family-Friendly Summer Schedule

Do you follow a summer schedule? Some people feel that schedules are too structured and create monotonous days. However, without a schedule, I feel bored and lost. I get super antsy when I’m not working! Last year, I created a Summer schedule and it was the best thing ever! This schedule is full of brackets! […]

Christmas in July: New Tradition

This year, I am going to start a new tradition with my family: Christmas in July! I love the idea of spending one weekend in July to go full blown Christmas! Doesn’t that sound fun? I have thought about what elements of a Christmas celebration I want to replicate in July. Below is my final […]

Beach Themed Decor

A lot of the decor around my home is inspired by the many beaches to which I have traveled. I wanted to carry this though to my gallery wall! With this upgrade, my gallery wall is no longer an eclectic gathering of frames, it’s a work of art. 1 Purchase white picture frames. White is […]

DIY Shelves

Now that I have a beautiful new mirror, I needed new shelves! For the mirror project, my husband helped me a lot. This time, I wanted to do a project all by myself. I had him review machine operation & safety with me and then I said goodbye! Guys, these shelves are so easy! And, […]

DIY Mirror

My January mindset of “refresh and renew” is continuing into February with some DIY projects to change up your space. And, although I want to focus my year on strengthening the relationships with the people around me, solitude is also appreciated. Solitude with power tools is even better. As many of you saw on my […]


Spring Rejuvenation: Home Spa Self-Care

In the Spring, you can easily find rejuvenation suggestions for your home in the form of Spring cleaning. But, how about us? Don’t we deserve some Spring cleaning of our own? A rejuvenating spa day is the cure! Keep reading for my idea of a perfect spa day at home. 1. Take Shower I don’t […]

Tissue Paper Sun Catchers: Spring

If you have a machine that laminates, this is an EASY craft that can be adapted for any season.(If you don’t have a machine, you can buy those sticky laminate sheets and it will work just the same!) Materials: Laminate Sheets Tissue Paper Scissors Tape To start, tape open your laminate sheets. I had blue […]

Interchangeable Wreath: Spring

Two words: Interchangeable Wreath. Folks – I LOVE this wreath! There are always so many beautiful wreaths on display in the stores for each changing season. Yet, who has the room to store all of those? Even if you did have the space, wouldn’t you rather use that space for something else? So, I knew […]

Seasonal Scents: Spring

Studies have shown that the sense of smell is closely related to memory. If we are embracing mindfulness and truly appreciating all that the current season has to offer, scent should be a part of that. Even when I just think about the holidays, certain scents come to mind and I can smell them vividly. Does this happen to […]

Craft Closet Renovation

Have you seen those renovation pictures where people turn a double closet into an office space? I love this idea. However, I don’t have a double closet! I have a tiny 2×4 closet in my guest bedroom that serves no purpose. I love to craft and often take up the entire dining room table when […]

Organization Overhaul

If you feel like you have too much clutter, or too many places where miscellaneous items hide, this is what you need! Below is the ULTIMATE guide to an organization overhaul of your home with tips and tricks to make it successful… and bearable! First of all, I am not recommending that certain rooms be […]

Playhouse Makeover

Odds are, you have probably seen Little Tikes Playhouse Makeovers on Pinterest. They are all gorgeous! My playhouse makeover might be different than you’ve seen before, though. When my husband and I purchased our house 5 years ago, we were frustrated with all of the large items the previous owners left behind. For example, we […]